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We are an innovative medical practice focusing on regenerative medicine therapies and longevity solutions for wellness and aesthetics. We look for the root cause of age-related disease and offer treatment options from inside the body to the outside. We have been the leading pioneers in the use of Wharton’s jelly allografts and offer various treatment protocols that take advantage of all the natural occurring factors found in Wharton’s jelly such as; mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, growth factors, exosomes and scaffolding proteins. We are using these products also for advanced wound care healing.

We also offer VIP testing services for DNA and Epigenetics and are now offering COVID-19 PCR testing through our partner labs.

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Dr. Steve Warren M.D, DPA

Dr Steve Warren

Dr. Warren has practiced medicine for over 35 years and has a wide range of experience from delivering babies, general surgery, family medicine, geriatrics, addiction medicine, and now regenerative/personalized medicine.

He is tripled boarded in Medical specialties as well as certified as a functional medicine practitioner. He is committed to finding the root cause of many chronic illnesses and correcting those causes instead of prescribing medications.

He also is using Regenerative Birth Tissue products to repair orthopedic problems as well as other conditions. He has written books and has lectured throughout Utah and Nationally at physician conferences. He is the proud father of seven children and two spoiled poodles.


Shellie Warren CMA, BFA

Shellie is the co-owner of Regenerative Wellness Center. She has an extensive background as a medical assistant. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Utah and the New York Academy of Art while raising four children.

She has studied in Paris for many years. She is certified in dermal filler injections, Botox, and other aesthetic procedures. She consults on each patient, providing them with an artistic approach to maximize their procedure.

Shelie Warren

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